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To my wedding clients,

I watched with affection when a bride's mother fixed her daughter's hair and then held her in a long hug. I was nervous as the bride rounded the corner to go down the aisle with her father. I laughed at the best man's toasts and had tears watching the groom dance with his mother. I always felt lucky when I happened to capture a child doing something cute, and so fortunate that I had the grandparents forever on film. I traveled with you to great places, and I photographed such exquisite weddings at your homes and clubs.

To the people I have worked with, I have always been in awe of your talent. I listened to your words up on the altar and read the prayers in the programs. Your wedding gowns and veils, tables, tents, and floral decorations made my pictures more beautiful. (I only sneezed at the lilies.) Your culinary presentations and cakes were as delicious as they were spectacular. I tapped my feet with your music, putting down my camera more than once. To fellow photographers and photo labs, event planners and club managers, I was so grateful for your advice and referrals, and have thoroughly enjoyed working with you over the years.

My career in wedding photography has involved the most rewarding and memorable times. It has created long lasting friendships with clients and the people I've worked with. I hope the albums and framed pictures have given and will continue to give as much pleasure as I have had in creating them.

Now, as I look forward, I am proud to have my son William handling the website and marketing of my business. So much has transpired from my first wedding at Stratton Mountain in 1975 to my final wedding at Indian Harbor Yacht Club in 2014. I am grateful for all that I have learned and experienced during my time with you. I am now looking forward to getting back on the water, for sailing and regatta photography, and to explore artistic Botanical Colors photography.

Thank you for the last 40 years,

Mary Alice Fisher

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